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My Big Fat Debt-Free Wedding

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Couple weeks ago we reached out to past Brides and Grooms for a survey to help us help YOU in determining what were some of the things that took a huge chunk out of your wedding budget which you now look at and realize you may not have really needed it or at least could have done with a more budget friendly alternative.
Did you know that more than 45% of couples go over their planned budget?
We narrowed down these top results and hope that it will help our fellow clients, blog readers and future brides and grooms in planning your dream wedding but with a more realistic budget.

Here are the Top 3 items people would reconsider at a different budget if they could go back and plan their wedding again.

Starting at #3 was the heavy attire. Less is more. Thinking about how long South Asian ceremonies can go for and what time you have to be up for to start getting ready. We advise the ladies to consider all embroidery options and fabrics when picking your ideal wedding outfit. Starting with opting out of rhinestone embroidery on your wedding outfit for resham or zardozi embroidery. This will lessen the weight of the outfit. It is common for brides to put a triple layer crinoline under their lenghas or anarkalis to have a larger "poof" but if you want a sleeker and lighter option, try 1 layer of crinoline or completely eliminate it from the inside of the lenghas and anarkalis to avoid the extra weight all together. The less bling-ed out your outfit looks the greater the chance of a lower price tag.  Other times it's not always the shine of the embroidery it's the quality of fabric putting you over budget. High grade silks will be more expensive than georgette. Be sure to research the fabrics as well to see if they align with your budget too. The heavier the lengha, anarkali or white gown the more expensive the price tag. Another option is trading in the lengha for a sari on your wedding day for a lighter sleeker look that won't carry you over by the 1000s.

Second item that came up on the list is Decor. Brides and Grooms would reconsider spending a lot on decor. This is a huge one because it is heavily dependant on budget. However, we have some hacks that could save you some money when it comes to decor. Firstly, we suggest when booking a venue always ask what is included with the hall. Most halls will provide you with the necessities in decor for your wedding and reception. These include centre pieces, seat covers and matching table covers as well as napkins to match the colour of your theme. Secondly, we suggest checking Instagram and Facebook for new and up and coming decor vendors in your area. If you live in Toronto searching #torontodecor on Instagram would be an example. When they are starting out their business they will be more likely to work with your budget and throw in a bunch of freebies for your big day!  Finally, be firm on your budget going into a a decor meeting. If you can't afford it you simply can't afford it! See what they can do to work with your budget and compromise on the items but not the price.

Last but not least! Videography and Photography. Yes, the memories will
last a lifetime if the moment is captured right! We believe that this can be achieved by many different video and photo vendors that have the passion and are up and coming in the industry. Search for example #torontovideography #torontophotography on Instagram. We recommend searching local photographers and videographers first rather than going with the person with the most Instagram followers. Followers don't always translate to better quality rather it just translates to fame. There are many vendors that have under 500 followers on Instagram but capture stunning portraits. Give them a chance you may be surprised by their professionalism as well as their prices that will
come well within your budget. Sometimes finding vendors that offer both videography and photography may be the best bet for a budget-friendly wedding as you will be able to get a package deal for the price of one!

These were the Top 3 results of what our Brides and Grooms would reconsider spending the extra dime on if they were to do it all over again! We hope this information was helpful to the future bride and grooms planning their event.

If you need any more advice you can contact us at and we will be happy to help the best we can :) Need assistance on vendors? We have a sourced list of great vendors for the budget concise wedding planners!

Just remember to shop around, explore your options, and don't feel pressured into making a big purchase if you're not sure of it. Trust your gut instinct and go with vendors that make you feel comfortable. After all it's going to be YOUR wedding day, not theirs ;)

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