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Renting Is The New BLACK

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Top Reasons Why You a Bad Bitch If You Rent

  1. Be Smart About Your Money - Yeah we want to always wear the latest and trendiest outfits but now we can actually do that without draining the bank account. So ladies let’s talk numbers: the average cost of a brand new south Asian outfit can rack you up $1000s. Damn. That’s like a pair of red sole Louboutins you just missed out on! On the flip side, $1000 is equivalent to 10 rentals. Literally 10 rentals. Literally. We call this guilt-free shopping!  When you no longer have to cry about your credit card statements or wearing the same outfits twice in front of the same people. Finally, you can sleep with some peace knowing that the 10 events you have to attend this year won’t have the collectors calling you to pay up! Yeah, you claim you got the money for that purchase and some of you may so good on you! BUT most of you dun have it. So save up for that house you had your eye on. Be the smart Empress and invest in your future.  Cause we definitely know the rate ain’t going down these days.


  1. Unlimited Wardrobe - If you living in a household with two families you ain’t got no space! Who you playing. Stacking those South Asian outfits can be a nightmare. They take up so much God damn space. Now, you ain’t got no worries! 2 Steps people, Rent and Return. That’s all you got to remember. Say it with me, R-E-N-T and R-E-T-U-R-N!  The last thing you want to see is that lengha sitting in your closet from 2006 with its faded rhinestones and dust particles that you wore to your neighbour’s, Masi’s, niece’s wedding….which is your neighbour (in case you didn’t get that).  Good Luck with your Kijiji AD and the other thousand people trying to sell off their 2006 faded rhinestone spaghetti strapped fish cut lenghas too! Congratulations. You just played yourself.


  1. Take a Trip - HelloOoO this speaks for itself!  Use that $$$ that you just saved to go on that Euro trip that you’ve been planning in your head for years! #youdeserveit.  If you don’t like planes that’s ok! Get the motorcycle you always wanted. You work so hard for your money why not spend it on something MORE VALUABLE! #getitgirl


  1. Stay Current With Trends - Our main objective is to bring you the most current trends happening right now in fashion. Highest quality fabrics and beautiful cuts! We do all the ground work for you in finding the bombest outfit to feel and look HOT AF at your next event. Quality is like uberrr important! We only rent the best of the best to our clients. If we can’t see ourselves in it? Why would we rent it to you?  Renting is the “NEW BLACK” Get with it girl and start renting. Say it with me. R-E-N-T and R-E-T-U-R-N! 

 Ain't no shame ladies do your thang, just make sure you ahead of the game!

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